Hey! It’s okay to be frustrated!!!

I remember when I first heard about the Covid Pandemic, my mum was still with us assisting with our daughter but was due to return in March of 2020. We were watching the news and the evolving story about how the virus was from China, it affects breathing… My first thought was, to remind hubby to get a mask so he would be protected while taking public transport.

Then, the virus started to really spread and we started hearing of the deaths, it was really sad and scary. In order to avoid my mum being stranded, we had to get her out of London earlier than planned. That’s when the pressure and stress became real.

You see, my daughter was still less than a year old, I had some freelance gigs I was working on and then my husband started working from home. So, my daily work tripled overnight. I had to cook, clean, bathe, play, work and still have time for myself. Don’t get me wrong, hubby helped (and still helps out) a lot and, it eased some of the pressure, but when you are dealing with a lot, you are bound to get frustrated once in a while.

In the midst of that frustration, my daughter started exhibiting the dreaded ‘Terrible Twos’ traits and was becoming so assertive, saying no at any given time. People, my frustration quadrupled. It became harder not to shout, naughty corners were introduced all over the house and toys/treats were taken away, etc.

While we are still in this phase, I’ve taken a personal resolve to tag it the ‘Terrific Twos’ because even in all her naughtiness, she has been the most amazing child any parent could ask for. Her emotional intelligence for a child is through the roof, as well as her memory recall, and I’m so grateful for this.

I’ve also come to terms with myself that it is definitely very OKAY to feel frustrated, to be angry, to cry etc, because you can’t have it all, or win all the time.

I was recently on a video session where a certified therapist called Coach G of Untangle Together talked about how to discipline your child without hitting. It was truly enlightening and I learned a lot from it.

My biggest take-home was when she said “teach your child to understand that our hands are for helping not for hitting. Extend it for love not for violence” It hit home because guys, the temptation is realllllllllll, especially as Africans. But we will pull through and be better for our future generations.🙏

Please feel free to comment with ways of disciplining your child without hitting them. I’m sure there are lots of us that want to learn.

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